More birds at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Last week we cycled and the children scooted from Stoats to the Nature Reserve for the highest tide of the year- it made a very impressive difference to the riverscape, and sea water surging into culverts to fill the lagoons was obviously full of good food, judging from the strategically positioned little egrets – less drive-in diner, more wash-in.

We spent some time time in the Quarry Hide watching common tern feeding their large but still fluffy chicks with silver flapping fish Рno binoculars necessary as we were so close and they were oblivious of us. Later we got close to a flock of turnstones, camouflaged on the shingle, which we would never have spotted had we not seen them circling to land. There are still plenty of flowers and insects on the reserve.

Then, having worked up an appetite, ¬†we went, by popular request, to¬†the Bosun’s Bite opposite the Lifeboat Station in Rye Harbour. All of the BB family are involved with lifeboats so if there’s a shout, they may have to close, but otherwise are open every day 9am-3 pm ish (apart from Christmas Day). Very welcoming and great food as always. We had plenty of energy to cycle back against the wind.

And later the supermoon lit up the night garden spectacularly!