Book lover’s haven in Hastings

We’ve just had great day in Hastings – Quentin Blake exhibition at the Jerwood, great fish and chips in the sunshine, a trip up and down the West Cliff railway, and then tea in Hanushka Coffee House in George Street. From outside it looks cosy and maybe a bit dark, but then you can see the walls are completely lined with books. We browsed an amazing variety of old books as we drank our tea, and as we each found an out-of-print book we really couldn’t leave behind, so asked if we could buy them.

None of the books has a price, or anything to say they were for sale, but we reached a mutually happy agreement with the charming proprietor of Hanushka, and the books came with us to be much enjoyed.

A great cuppa, and a memorable outing, especially for book enthusiasts. We’ll be back soon. AND the bus goes from a few steps from Stoats and is a very scenic ride through the lanes.