Bring Your Four Legged Friend

Stoats Holiday Home and Your Dog

What we offer you and your dog:

  • Winchelsea Beach is a wonderful area for walking: choose from beach, cliffs, riverside or fields. Your dog can be off lead in about 6 minutes from leaving Stoats.
  • Local Winchelsea beach is 600m away as the crow flies, and not much further on foot. There are no dog restrictions on the beach going eastwards at any time of year, and there is a huge expanse of flat sand to gallop about on or chase a ball when the tides out.
  • Dogs can also run off lead round the perimeter of the Rye Harbour nature reserve. A favourite walk is to Rye Harbour, and the friendly Bosuns Bite by the lifeboat station welcomes dogs and people alike. You can retrace your steps or return by Camber Castle.
  • Hastings Country Park is on the top of the cliffs near Fairlight, acres of dog-friendly open space to gallop about in, play with other dogs, chase rabbits, and enjoy the smells, while you might be able to see France on a clear day (we think the cliffs are at Criel-sur-Mer. Maybe you’d like to finish your outing at the dog-friendly cafe (we call this area The Cake District).
  • The back garden of Stoats is fully enclosed and our own terriers haven’t managed to find a way out (but the front garden is not). There’s an outside tap to wash sand or mud off your dog’s feet. We can lend you a crate if that is what is your dog is trained and used to.
  • We can help you by giving you contacts for doggy day care if you want to go out somewhere for the day where dogs aren’t allowed e.g. National Trust properties. But lots of local places are very welcoming to dogs and their owners.
  • And we offer a small ‘welcome pack’ for your dog, who mustn’t feel left out!

What we ask of you:

  • We welcome well-behaved pets with up-to-date worm and flea treatments. You may want to include tick prevention as this is a known tick risk area (sheep country) and your pet will need to have protection in place before arrival.
We accept pets on condition that:
  • You do not let your dog on furniture or beds at any time; bring your dog’s own bedding.
  • You will not leave your dog unattended in the house as this could not only lead to damage to the property but could be distressing for your pet.
  • You ensure that your dog is not a nuisance to our neighbours and others, and will reliably ‘ bag it and bin it‚’ (black wheelie bin).
  • There is an extra charge of £25 per pet to cover additional cleaning costs, and we reserve the right to make an additional charge if extra cleaning is required or damage caused by your dogs.
  • We wish you ALL a great holiday ‚ please tell us about your favourite dog walks in our guest book or through out Testimonials Page